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Discount Dental Plans, an Alternative to Dental Insurance
Save 10% to 60% on Dental Care with a Discount Dental Plan, an alternative to Dental Insurance. Enter your zip code below to view plan details, savings information and participating dentists for all available discount dental plans in your area.
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Discount Dental Plan Testimonials
Feedback from Thousands of Smiling Members proudly offers more than 30+ discount dental plans with the most dentist listings in combined networks anywhere! We encourage our visitors to enter their ZIP code and compare the plans in their area before choosing the best plan for their needs. Below is just a small sampling of the feedback we get from our smiling plan members:

Discount Dental Plan Testimonials

"Saved us around $800 right off the bat.”
"It is easy to use, accepted by my dentist and it saved me $610.”
"Discount of 50% off every dental visit, 20% off every eye exam, and 10% off my contacts and glasses.”
"I am very happy with my discount dental plan.”
"I not only save loads of money each year, but I now also have a dentist that's right around the corner.”

"Saved us around $800 right off the bat."
"My wife and I got the Signature Wellness Plan because it looked like a good value, and we haven't been to a dentist in way too long. It turns out my wife had 11 cavities! She required special cleaning, and, of course, plenty of fillings. Your plan saved us around $800 right off the bat.

This day and age, with medical costs soaring, and the economy in such a questionable state, it is nice to know that there are affordable alternatives to health insurance companies who refuse to treat any pre-existing conditions you may have. It seems they just want the sure-fire profits, where many discount dental plans, such as the one we were so lucky to find, really care about their members. Our story continues ... and hopefully yours will be just as much a success!"
— Mike, April 2008

"It is easy to use, accepted by my dentist and it saved me $610."
"I'm a 33-year-old teacher who found herself employed outside the teaching profession and with no dental insurance. About 6 months into my new job I had a toothache a bad one. The pain became unbearable and I had to go to a dentist and pay full price for an exam and x-rays. It was expensive and the diagnosis was even more expensive. I needed a root canal immediately. The total asking price on a root canal without insurance is no less than $1,200.00.

The pain was bad, and I didn't have $1,200.00. I was really discouraged about this turn of events. The $1,200 bill was going hurt. Then I found the Dentemax plan for $120 and found out I could use it immediately. I took my little printed out paper card to my dentist and it was accepted. Within 2 days, they had me scheduled. The procedure took an hour and it involved 4 sets of x-rays during the drilling, and came to.... (get this!) $590!

Needless to say, the $120 cost of the plan was nothing in comparison. I am so pleased with the plan. It is easy to use, accepted by my dentist and it saved me $610. I have recommended it to everyone I know."
— Laura, April 2008

"Discount of 50% off every dental visit, 20% off every eye exam, and 10% off my contacts and glasses."
"After doing a bit of research, I chose the UNI-CARE 200 plan. It covered a wide range of services, including UNI-CARE Chiropractic, Coast-to-Coast Vision, National Ear Care Plan, and UNI-CARE Dental 200; all at a discount of 20% or more off of regular scheduled prices.

UNI-CARE 200 is accepted by numerous care providers in my local area, including the dental and eye care practitioners I was already seeing! I was overjoyed knowing that I wouldn't have to change my dentist's and optician's office. Living in a more rural area, I was so afraid I would have to leave the practitioners I knew and trusted, and travel several miles to an office in a larger city. Your site offers so many plans that you are bound to find one in your area.

I have been on UNI-CARE 200 for just over a year and have had 3 dental check-ups and cleanings, including 2 x-rays, 3 eye exams. I also bought contact lenses and a pair of glasses. UNI-CARE 200 gave me a discount of 50% off every dental visit, 20% off every eye exam, and 10% off my contacts and glasses. I saved over $500! At my last dental visit, my dentist advised me that my lower wisdom teeth will need to be pulled. UNI-CARE is providing me with a discount of nearly $300 on that procedure alone."
— Melissa, April 2008

"I am very happy with my discount dental plan."
"I am very happy with my discount dental plan. I am a senior citizen and have a limited income. When I found the plan on the Internet, I was skeptical but I decided to try it. I contacted a dentist on your list and I am very satisfied with her. I have also told friends about your plan."
— Alice, April 2008

"I not only save loads of money each year, but I now also have a dentist that's right around the corner."
"This is my third year with the Patriot Plan and I am still so very pleased that I made the change from my private dentist. I used to spend a lot of travel time and thousands per year on dental visits for my family. Now, I not only save loads of money each year, but I now also have a dentist that's right around the corner! Thank you!"
— Janet, April 2008

Join the thousands of satisfied members we keep smiling with our discount dental plans. Enter your ZIP code to compare and choose from the best plans in your area!


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Savings plans are NOT insurance and the savings will vary by provider, plan and zip code. These plans are not considered to be qualified health plans under the Affordable Care Act. Please consult with the respective plan detail page for additional plan terms. The discounts are available through participating healthcare providers only. To check that your provider participates, visit our website or call us. Since there is no paperwork or reimbursement, you must pay for the service at the time it’s provided. You will receive the discount off the provider’s usual and customary fees when you pay. We encourage you to check with your participating provider prior to beginning treatment. Note – not all plans and offers available in all markets.

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